Secret of Happiness

How an out of print children’s book holds the secret to happiness.

The delightful out-of-print “Contented Little Pussy Cat” was published in 1949. The simplicity of the lessons it contains are very profound. Written by Frances Ruth Keller. Illustrated by Adele Werber and Doris Laslo. Published by The Platt & Munk Co, Inc. Commentary and ventriloquism by Hilma Volk with friends Wrinkles and Gordon.

Overweight? Time-Sensitive Webinar – New Science of Weight Loss

This is a time sensitive no-cost webinar for those who want to lose weight.

Winning the Game of Weight Loss Event

Diet plans and diet supplements don’t work.

If you tried them and lost weight only to gain it all back again, the problem isn’t the plan.  It is the programing in your subconscious mind.

In my 65 years, I’ve seen all kind of diets come and go. I’ve watched people yo-yo. I’ve seen diet pills pulled from the market because of dangerous side effects.

I’ve seen gals get together to diet together. Overweight people getting advice from fat people. And when they are dieting, what do they talk about most?  Food.

I have never been overweight. Why? My brain won’t let me. If I gain a couple pounds, I make adjustments.

It is not my metabolism. I worked 8 years at a resort where employees from all departments could eat whatever they chose in the lunch room. If I ate what the fat people ate, I’d be fat too. If I always took the elevator instead of stairs and griped when I had to walk less than two blocks to the employee parking lot, I’d be fat too.

The only people I ever saw keeping weight off for the long term were people who changed the way they thought about their body.  And how you think determines your choices. No will power required.

You cannot keep weight off if you are thinking like a fat person. Your subconscious has stored a lot of reasons to keep you from staying leaner.

Anyway the Webinar is free.  But you need to register quick.

Register for the Webinar

Even if you can’t make that time slot, register anyway because that will give you access to the replay..

And that is subconscious programming. Unless you overwrite the program – you are stuck.

The webinar is hosted by John Assaraf – The New Science of Weight Loss.

And includes top Internationally recognized nutritionists and best selling authors on weight loss and nutrition. Ari Whitten, Marc David, JJ Virgin.

Anyway if your are interested.  Go here.

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Fantastic Tool for Tight Muscles

Sore Muscles?  Tight Muscles?  Work on your own legs, arms, hand, fingers, neck, feet and more with the Rubbit from Armaid.

Go as deep as you like,  Or not.  I have tried a lot of self massage products and this is tops on my list.


Watch the video I made to see what it does.

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It is a massage roller stick, a leveraging massage tool, and a removable tool for feet and back.

Note: if you do buy through my link I will get a commission, but it will not cost you any more.


Pain, Range of Motion, Getting Out of the Box

Pain, Range of Motion, Imaginary Boxes, Little Old Ladies and You

Range of motion,. People lose it by living in imaginary boxes.

Increasing number of  people have rounded shoulders, head forward, headaches, and stooped backs, largely from spending so much time on small computing devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. where the screen and keyboard are so close together.

Everyone needs to get out of the imaginary box that so many live in. Those that don’t will be stooped over and in pain as they age. Being stooped over is not a factor of age, is from living with a limited range of motion. If you don’t use it you will lose it.

If you do much writing on small devices need to get the keyboard and screen away from each other.  If you have a laptop put it up on a box so you can look at the screen without having your head forward and get a separate keyboard.

If you have a smartphone or tablet it is much harder.  Problems accumulate under your radar until you think they just happened out of the blue.  They don’t.

Most smartphone and newer tablets have a tiny picture of a microphone on the upper right corner of the keyboard.  Use that when you can.

Above all, your body will try to curl yourself into a ball unless you unwind it. Use your range of motion.  Stretch yourself out.  Use it or lose it.

Now get away from the technology and go out and play.
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