34 Ways to Stop Mosquito Bite Itch

Got Mosquito Bites? Here are 34 ways you can try to stop the itching. They are taken from various places on the internet where people have said what worked for them. Some I have tried. But not others. Most work only temporarily,.

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Here are what are listed in the video:
These are applied to the bite – not taken internally

Chlorasceptic Throat Spray
Vicks VaporRub
cortisone cream
aloe vera
moistened tobacco – from a cigarette
Purell – the hand sanatiser
apple cider vinegar
basil oil or crushed leaves
rubbing alcohol
scotch tape over bite
Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel and Baking Poweder mix
Your own spit
Topical Benedryl
Sarna Anti-itch Lotion
Milk of Magnesia
lavender oil alone or mixed with coconut oil
plantain – a common weed. crushed
calamine lotion
Deodorant contains aluminum chloride
banana peel – the inside of the peel
clear nail polish – peel off after itch goes away
tea tree oil
lemon or lime – don’t wear in sun – can cause blisters
Peppermint oil or crushed leaves
Gold Bond Instant Relief
Raw Organic Honey
Calendula herb
Heat – back of sppon technique
hair dryer
Epsom Salt paste or 2 cups in bath tub.
Baking Soda paste or 2 cups or 1lb box in bath

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34 Ways to Stop Mosquito Bite Itch — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Chris; Yeah, I meant baking soda. I keep mixing up the names.

  2. No, no, no. I meant to say baking “soda” meets all kind of needs; I use baking “soda” instead of toothpaste.

  3. Thank you very much, Hilma. Mosquitoes gravitate to me.

    Did you mean baking “soda” instead of baking “powder”? Baking powder meets all kinds of needs; I use baking powder with a bit of salt, recommended by a biologic dentist instead of toothpaste.

    The “plantain” I am familiar with in Texas is a fruit that looks like a large banana.

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