Anti Aging Multivitamin Skin Support Review

This is a review of Innate Skin’s Women’s Anti-Aging Multivitamin for Skin Support

It is not easy to a review any kind of supplement based on one month of use.

At the time of this video I was just a few weeks from turning 65. I was given 2 bottles – a two month supply – from the company in exchange for a review. They did not give me any money.

But I give an honest review.

Since I was already taking supplements, I wasn’t deficient in any vitamins except possibly K2 which I’ll mention in this video.  I was not specifically taking supplements for skin.

What I did was look into all the supplements in the ingredient list and see what they were good for. Most of those had multi benefits, too many to mention them all. Of course there was less of each ingredient than if you were to buy each supplement individually (which would naturally cost more).

Here’s my video:

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