Break Bad Habits Like Nail Biting, Smoking, Etc.

Do you have a bad habit that you want to stop?

Well, this works, BUT ONLY if you really want to stop.

On ABC’s Shark Tank, May 20, 2016, The last person doing a pitch did not get an investment deal for his habit breaking shock wrist band.

The idea behind it

I forgot how much this shocking item was supposed to sell for.  But it was expensive.

But you can break a bad habit using a free method that does the same thing.  It is what psychologists call self-administered adversive conditioning.

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Whether the bad habit is smoking, nail biting, drugs or any other habit you stop, you can train yourself simply by snapping a rubber band that’s on your wrist.  This when repeated enough will train your brain to associate more pain than pleasure with the habit.  However it will only work if you want to make a change.

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