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  1. Bonnie Lisnek on said:

    Hope you are feeling better. Wondering if you can help. Had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands 2012 and Sept,2017. In Oct. 2017 developed groin infection which required medication named Diflucan. After one pill it caused numbness, tingling, and coldness in all fingers. If I touch them I can feel them, but can’t grasp, hardly write, or use eating utensils. It is difficult to hold things without dropping them. Also fingers swell, but no discoloration. Hand Doctor said if after two months if no improvement they might have to redo the surgery.

  2. Well, your median nerve is being impinged (assuming it is not numb on the back of the fingers. But knowing the true cause of that is something that requires more information. I suggest you sign up for my free video series first

  3. robert jones on said:

    HI: I have no pain in my wrist or finger. I have numbness and tingling in my thumb index and middle fingers.My palm feel normal, tis affect my right hand and some time my left.

  4. Hello Wanda, You can watch the videos on line. If you wish to download any, they can play on any media player you have on your computer, tablet or other device. Most people watch online on any device, just like you don’t need a special player to view YouTube videos.
    Regards, Hilma

  5. Wanda Santillo on said:

    Your program is through a video. Do I need a video player to see the program? Or can I watch it on a CD player? Video players are hard to come by. Is there any other way iCal view your program?

  6. Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. Richie on said:

    Hello, I just wanted to share my story in hopes it will bring relief to many people suffering from night leg cramps. I have been suffering with severe leg cramps at night, sometimes in both legs at the same time. The pain would be so extrusiating that my body took over and I’ve almost passed out. The screams could be heard up the street. I own a few heating pads for if I ever need them again. The last time it happened was in both legs and it was all i could stand. I even thought about ending it because I couldn’t take it anymore. It was every other night. I walk on concrete for 8 hours at my job. I’ve tried 50 different pairs of shoes and boots. Nothing would help. I started doing research. And I’ve tested out a few of the remedies that I had found. Nothing was working…bananas, mustard, pickle juice, Nothing…that is until I found my cure. I take 400mg of magnesium a day and at night right before I lay down I drink 1 cup on Tonic water.
    I’m very happy to say I haven’t had a single leg cramp in almost a year now. I still have my job that I walk on concrete for 8 hours. I can feel my legs being so tired and I think I’m gonna have a cramp as I’m sure everyone knows when a cramp is gonna hit. But it never happens. I am cramp free.
    I hope this information will help people that are suffering like I used to.

  8. Well Omega 3s are very good for your whole body.

  9. Donald Laird on said:

    Hello Hilma,
    Just read your suggestion about a soap bar under the sheets to get a night’s sleep free from restless legs. I have suffered from restless legs for at least twenty years – it can drive me nuts!
    Eventually I found that if I take two Omega 3 lozenges my legs will settle down in 20 minutes. I will give soap a try.

  10. Thanks Tara,
    I’d like to try it. 3209 N 8th St. Coeur d’Alene, 83815.

  11. Hi! Fellow idahoan here! I watched your soap video really cool! I don’t suffer from rls but my mother in law does. I’m going to tell her about this. Anyways you mentioned drinking a sports drink but didn’t like the sugar, have you heard of heart and hydration? It’s like a sports drink but no carbs or sugar its great! If you’d like a sample I would love to mail you one!

  12. Vivianne on said:

    I love the soap idea and am going to give it a try.. Do you have anything for neuropathy in feet (non-diabetic)?

  13. To Priya, Sorry no I don’t have anything on kid’s sleep apnea.

  14. hi,

    Do you have anything on kids sleepapnea? tks

  15. Richard Mitts on said:

    After watching you video on soap under your sheet, I was intrigued. I have RLS and some cramping and decided to try it. Was I ever amazed a with the outcome. Thank you.

  16. Hello Tom, My best guess is that you have an injury. It could require medical attention. If it is fairly recent you want to baby it. If it is older than a month, you could try deep massage to that area of the hand and backward stretching of the finger — as long as those do not make things worse.

  17. Hola Cristina. Gracias y saludos , puedo entender. Estoy aprendiendo español pero todavía es difícil para mí.

  18. TOM LIEB on said:

    Hi Hilma,
    My middle finger(the longest one)seems to be slightly swollen and stiff.Can bend it forward but not backward like the other fingers.All the other fingers on that hand seem to be ok.The tendon from that finger running through the center of my hand is very tight and painful.there is no pain or tightness elsewhere in my hand ,wrist or arm. Any idea what is going on and what I might try to relive it? Couldn’t find any help in your videos.

  19. cristina espinosa on said:

    Hola Hilma, soy mexicana y he visto un video acerca del sindrome de los pies inquietos y voy a hacer el intento con el jabon debajo de las sabanas, no duermo mucho porque me despierta la sensacion de mover mis pies, te aviso como me fue, muchas gracias

  20. anemosUK on said:

    What a great remedy, I been taking quinine tablets for the past 2 years due to my severe leg cramps aches and pains,
    you suggestion with the soap it worked I tried it 2 months ago and have had some good nights sleep
    I have also places a bar of soap on the top and found shoulder pains are gone too

    Thank you Hilma

  21. Steve, thanks for sharing that.

  22. Stephen Serio on said:

    Hi Hilma,
    Saw your posting on RLS and a bar of soap remedy. Just wanted to share with you what works for me with leg cramps. When I heard the cramps were not necessarily due to magnesium deficiency but possibly weak leg muscles I began doing calf raises whilst maintaining my intake (I’m 67) of magnesium. Only added calf raises and that was enough. Cheers.
    Best Regards,
    Steve (Serio)

  23. Soledad on said:

    Thanks Hilma. His advice for night cramps works perfectly. A humble bar of soap has eliminated the hassles and can sleep perfectly.


  24. Thanks.Good thing Google has a translator.

  25. Soledad on said:

    Gracias Hilma. Su consejo para los calambres nocturnos funciona perfectamente. Una humilde barra de jabón ha hecho desaparecer las molestias y puedo dormir perfectamente.

    Muy agradecida.

  26. Dear Hilma!

    I just listened to your suggestion of trying a bar of soap in the bed for restless leg syndrome, which my husband suffers from. It will be good to try. Thank you.

    I notice you value great health and nutrition and I urge you to view the following:

    MORINGA Documentary by Discovery Channel –

    Why Zija? by Dr. Russ Bianchi – Ty Bollinger, Medical researcher, health consultant, nutrition specialist, and author of Cancer – Step Outside the Box, the man behind the series “The truth about cancer”, talks here about the need for nutrition and Zija´s moringa.

    I invite you to join me in telling others about the “Miracle Tree”, one of many names for Moringa Oleifera.

    Regina Hansen
    780 999 9872
    Independent Distributor, Zija International

  27. My late husband John read in our daily newspaper The Rome Sentinel probably over 10 years ago in an article by Dr. Gott about putting soap between the sheets and how it relieves leg cramps.
    Having been forced to the floor with terrible leg cramps, my Husband put the bar between the sheets and the mattress…on the lower corner of the bed.
    I do not recall any mention at that time about it helping restless leg.
    After a while my Husband had no more leg cramps and both of us had realized we had no back pain either, as both of us had suffered with back pain…my Husband more so than myself.
    Some years later I did start with restless leg syndrome.
    Bar soap in the bed may have helped somewhat…maybe lessened time times I would get it…but I did use bar soap and rub it up and down my shins and withing 10 minutes of or, it was gone.

  28. Good evening Hilda. I watched your video about putting a bar of soap in my bed for RLS. Mine shows up as an ache. I wasn’t expecting it to work as narcotics don’t even completely eliminate it. Well, it worked. Not even a trace of an ache and I slept great. So far same I’ve had the same positive results for three nights. I want to tell some people about it, because they have the same problem. They’re not going to believe me! Hopefully they at least give it a try! Thanks!

  29. Assuming you have top and bottom sheets you put it between the sheets in the area of your lower legs. It doesn’t have to touch you. It works for many people. But you can always wash with it if it doesn’t.

  30. Hi Hilma,

    just saw your vid with the soap. How do you do it really: is it that you put the bar (without paper around it) between your sheet and blanket/duvet so that it would touch your body when sleeping? Thank you very much for a response. Would like to try the thing out 🙂 Regards, Susanne

  31. Hi Dennis,

    My program can help the neck portion only if it is due to tight muscles pulling on the vertebrae but not if the stenosis is caused by something like a herniated disc or bone growth. Just about everything along the nerve pathways from the vertebrae on, it can help you with.

    You need to be very aware of where you feel the tingling. The following article has pictures which show which nerves innervate which fingers. You will notice that the median nerve only affects on the palm side. The specific neck vertebrae affect on both the palm side and back side.
    Note: this is not my article.


  32. Dennis Black on said:

    Hello Hilda I suffer from double crush syndrome and canal stenosis my hands are numb and tingly I wanted to know if your program will help me

  33. Why your mom’s feet burn is not my area of expertise. There could be any of several reasons. A podiatrist may suggest an answer or suggest further testing.

  34. ROYETTA JOHNSTON on said:

    My moms feet burn all the time what do you suggest she try. She can hardly rest at night

  35. Hello Hilma,

    Thank you for sharing so much. What you are saying is really resonating w/ me, as I have moderate-severe nerve impingement in the c5-c6 area and stenosis w/ foraminal stenosis on the left. NOW, I have carpal tunnel syndrome too. The neurologist says it isn’t related, I had an EMG which confirms carpal tunnel. But the symptoms also show ulnar nerve entrapment, but EMG doesn’t. I find doctors are TOO SPECIALIZED and know very little outside their area, so getting a holistic view is difficult. Doctors want to do a cervical fusion. I’m hesitant. I’m also getting patellar tracking issues. Are all these things possibly related?

    P.S. I just found your YT videos today!

  36. Hi..H I just started your excerses yesterday for my wrist and hands my dr thinks I have carpal tunnel iv had painful shoulders for about 2 years to start with so bad I would have to sleep with lots of pillows and my arms testing on pillows only thing that helped was heat pads..I had loads of treatment on my shoulders which are now much better but now my wrist and hands are painful to appoint were I can’t use them like I used to my thumbs feel really tight and my arm musels have gone soft from lack of useing them..I have swelling on my top of hands by thumbs and my wrist are very tender to touch or if I knock them I get shooting pain…any way I purchased your vids and did excerses yesterday for first time I didn’t do again today because I noticed I had burning and tingerling in my wrist and top of my hand today for first time…which scared me as iv been being really careful not to damage my nerve up to now…..please advise only I want to be pain free and able to work again am scared I will damage my nerve if I do excerses again…I don’t under stand why my nerve has been playing up to day were it didn’t before….Ty

  37. Hi Hilma-
    I have a lot of swelling in my rt.wrist and hand, brought on by lifting Christmas for a day.Can hardly sleep at night due to the numbness & tingling.Have been working your program for a week with no relief. I haven’t found any real tender spots to focus on. So am just working on the general areas you talk about. Have gone on light duty at work- no more trees!Any suggestions?

  38. Hello Riana,
    With fractures it is impossible to tell long distance. Something possible – which may or may not apply to your situation – wrist bones can get misaligned. There are chiropractors who can adjust them. They are only a percentage of chiropractors so you have to call around. Plus a physical exam from someone like that can give you a better opinion if you have other options besides surgery.

  39. Dear Hilma,

    thank you for your webside. My problem started after Colles fracture of my right hand. After 3 month there were clear that something happend not good I do not feel fully my 4 fingers. After 6 month and after EMG doctor say, that problem is Carpal tunnel and the surgery is necessary because of numbers EMG and partly disapearing my thumb muscle. I have no night pain.
    Do you some advise how to avoid surgery?

    With thanks.


  40. Terry: Yes, but it is a very small part of the program.

  41. does your carpal tunnel program cover trigger finger?

  42. Steve,

    Hi Steve,
    Sorry, I have not run across your situation. And while fasciculations can be caused by a magnesium deficiency, it would be foolish of me to attempt a diagnosis or offer advise.


  43. Hi Hilma,

    Over your history of clinical experience, have you ever encountered an individual that has constant muscle fasciculations and tingling all over their body? Further, when I touch my nerves on my collar bone (like in your video) I can feel shocks being sent through my hands. As well, when I lift my leg with my foot in an upright position, I also feel shocks throughout my foot.

    I’ve had these symptoms for a number of years and am wondering if it’s related to tight muscles. I workout regularly with heavy weights and am the first to admit that my stretching regiment is poor at best.

    Thanks for your reply in advance!


  44. Margaret on said:

    I’m wondering if you have any exercises/advise on cubital tunnel? I have issues with tight forearms and shoulder pain like you’ve mentioned in your video in addition to cubital tunnel.
    Thank you.

  45. Donna McLuskie on said:

    Hi Hilma,
    Your advice about hand issues is so awesomely useful and spot-on. I wonder if you would like to think about feet? I would love to hear your advice on managing Morton’s Neuroma.

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