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If the information has helped you.

Especially if it has helped you save on Doctor’s fees.

Or saved you mental or physical agony.

Feel free to throw money in any amount.

I promise to be exceedingly grateful. 




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  1. Hello Vera, While other things could be going on, my best guess is the subscapularis muscle. I have videos on in on YouTube and, You should also check the internet for what else there is on self-help for the subcapularis muscle.

    If not you can check out The Frozen Shoulder Workbook by Claire Davies. (Not just about “frozen” shoulder). It is not the easiest muscle to work on. When I was a massage therapist I was was very skilled at working on it. Most massage therapists are not. If you do go the massage or physical therapist, spend time with them on the phone to find out how many people with that problem they have helped. Many will say they can do it because it was included in a class they once took, but most really don’t know how because they have not practiced it since then.


  2. Could you please email me?
    I would like to know what to do to help my mother.
    She is having a lot of pain when she moves her arms. She has limited movement and she complains of pain on the rotator cuff and humerus bone. She feels an electric shock discharge that comes suddenly and she said that it is very painful. This happens to her constantly. My mothers shoulders are leaning forward and she can’t lift her arms all the way up.

    I am heartbroken because we need an mri that can’t afford and she is in agony.
    I beg you to please give me advice on how to help my mother.
    Thank you so much for your YouTube channel, your help to desperate people like is us priceless!

  3. Your advice on a bar of soap in the bed works for me. Thank you for the advice. I love your blogs (I think that’s the right word)

  4. Carol Anita donaldson on said:

    I gave been using two bars of soap in my bed at night to relieve restless leg syndrome and diabetic neuropathy and it really works for me. Thank you for the advice

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