Flexible Cell Phone Holder Review

This is a review of the 321 Ready Flexible Cell Phone Holder.

The 321Ready Flexible hands-free smart phone holder that has a 360° Universal jaw. You can position your phone just about any way you choose.

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You can use is about anywhere: Home, Office, Car, Kitchen.
Can use it with a clamp to hold it to a table up to 2 inches thick.
Without the clamp, you can coil it to make a stand on almost any surface.
Can wrap around neck.
Can use as a selfie stick with the camera’s timer.
Can use as a tripod on about any surface.
Can wrap around head rest in car for back seat use.
Coils to about 6″ diameter to fit in school bag, backpack, purse, etc.


Can not take the weight of heavy plus size phone.
Can not take the weight of phones with heavy cases.

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