Home Remedies that Work

Here are some home remedies reported to work.

Vapor Rub to Cure Nail Fungus


While there are no studies to prove coating infected toenails with vapor rub once or twice a day is an effective treatment for nail fungus, a basic Internet search results in a number of personal testaments to the medicinal ointment’s fungus-killing powers. “I’ve heard many patients say that vapor rub does help, but I’m not exactly sure why,” Dr. Blum admits. While some argue it’s the menthol in the balm that kills the fungus and others say it’s the smothering effect of the thick gel, if used consistently, vapor rub has been shown to get rid of not just the fungus, but the infected toenail, too, which will turn black and eventually fall off. When the new nail grows in, it should be fungus-free. Photo: Thinkstock


Oatmeal to Soothe Eczema

“This is absolutely true, as oats have anti-inflammatory properties,” Dr. Blum says. Whether it’s used as a paste or poured into a bath, most experts recommend choosing colloidal (finely ground) oatmeal and soaking the affected area for at least 15 minutes. In addition to reducing inflammation, oats are thought to have an antihistamine effect, Dr. Blum says. By lowering levels of histamine, which triggers inflammation as part of the immune system’s recovery response, she explains, oats prevent or reduce the redness. Photo: Thinkstock

The article from Woman’s Day gives 6 more home remedies:

  • Duct Tape to Remove Warts
  • Yogurt to Cure Bad Breath
  • Bite a Pencil to Cure a Headache
  • Olives for Motion Sickness
  • A Spoonful of Sugar to Cure Hiccups
  • Gargle Salt Water for a Sore Throat

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