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If you have tingling fingers, numb or hand pain  due to your occupation or hobby, it is because one or more major nerves is being pinched in one or more of several places.

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Carpal Tunnel — 35 Comments

  1. Thankyou for all your hood videos Hilma! I enjoy learning new things so I can help my friends and clients! 🙂

  2. Hi Ales, Thank you so much for the feedback. Hilma

  3. Alexandra on said:

    I’ve had a problem with my arms and finger numbness for years (at least for 15), but didn’t pay much attention until it became so severe that I could not sleep at nights, couldn’t do any work with my right hand/arm at all. My numbness would not leave me for almost all day.At nights I started having muscle cramps and terrible burning in the fingers. Nothing helped. I did stretches like crazy, went to chiropractors, a massage therapist, acupuncturists. I scheduled an appointment with a orthopedist and was waiting for it, even I knew what he was going to do – paint killers, cortisol shots, and the surgery. I didn’t want to take that path, but didn’t see any other ways to help myself, I was suffering a lot. Thanks God, I found this master cause on-line and decided to try it right away. Amazingly self massaging helped me almost same night. I have to mention that I also started using castor oil with a bunch of essential oils to make massaging easier. After a week of doing massaging twice a day with castor oil I canceled my appointment with the orthopedist, because I don’t need him any more. I feel such a relief, I am sleeping without paint, my numbness can come back at night, but not every night and it is because I may sleep in a wrong position or so. It would go away as soon as I lay down on my back with opened carpal tunnel. I am definitely improving very fast and going to continue self-massaging sessions. I am also doing stretches when I am at work. Big, big improvement. My chiropractor wanted to see me in a month instead of every week now. I want to thank Hilma for such a great information and work she did. I will recommend her to everybody who I know with the same problem. THANK YOU, Hilma! You gave my hands and arms relief and hope for full recovery!

  4. Thanks for passing that on.

  5. Patty Jones on said:

    I haven’t gotten time to read these post or watch any of these video’s but I did watch one from Facebook. It was the one about putting the bar of soap under your sheets or in a sock for RLS. I have used a bar of Ivory (the same one, by the way) for about 8 years. I have never shaved it however and it still works. I have not used it for RLS, as I don’t have that. But have used it for anything sore in my body. I wake up with my fingers stiff sometimes and all it takes is for me to fall a sleep with this bar of soap in my hands, (No, it doesn’t stay there all night) but it does do the trick. I am not stiff and am pain free for several days. I have also used it for sore muscles, pain in my shoulder, etc.

  6. Hi Hilma i have started massaging my forearms the past couple days and they have been getting looser. I can bend my wrists more fluidly but my symptoms have gotten worser since i started. I am experiencing more numbness and i didnt even have unlar tingling before and now i do. Is it normal to feel this way because with some things you hear they get worse before they get better. Thanks.

  7. Jo Reid on said:

    Hi Hilma. I had sudden onset of constant tingling in my left thumb and forefinger. After nerve conduction tests, the surgeon did CT surgery on me 8 weeks ago. There has been no change. At night I sometimes wake up with tingling in my right fingers, but that goes away with shaking. What do you suggest I do for both conditions?

  8. You are asking questions that are not possible to answer. Have you subscribed to my free videos on how to tell where your problem is coming from? See the form on the left. Most massage therapists are clueless about places along the nerve pathway where nerves can be constricted by tight muscles. So it depends on how knowledgeable your therapist is. I personally check all possibilities and not limit my thinking to just one location.

  9. Sherry Hunsaker on said:

    So do you think that doing these stretches will help alleviate my numbness? What should I have my massage therapist do? Also, how long should I do these before I look at other causes such as a bulging disc? I have arthritis in my neck and it is tight and sore most of the time.

  10. Sherry, Absolutely. Tightness in scalenes usually does not include the pinky finger.

  11. There are several places where the median nerve can be pinched. It includes the scalenes, the pectoralis minor, and the pronator teres. But even if it is in the wrist it is most often caused by muscle imbalance in the forearm. Another cause is swelling caused by tight scalene muscles if they pinch on a vein that brings blood back from the arm. Another cause is swelling within the tendon sheath – that can be dealt with without surgery (drugs make it worse in the long term). But most general practitioners seem to be under-informed about this.

  12. Sherry Hunsaker on said:

    I just got back from the doctor and he is sending me for a nerve test. He thinks it’s carpel tunnel in the wrists but I don’t. I have had pain in my neck,and tightness in my neck and shoulder and scalene muscles. He told me that because my pinky fingers don’t go numb, he thinks it’s my wrists.

  13. Sherry Hunsaker on said:

    Can I have a pinched nerve from a tight scalene muscle and only have numbness and tingling in four fingers and not the pinky finger?

  14. First of all you do not have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, because those are not symptoms of CTS. Symptoms would be in the first and second finger and part of the thumb and part or the ring finger. Never the little finger. By the way, people can get carpal tunnel syndrome (and false carpal tunnel syndromes) from a lot less hours per week at almost anything, particularly if they work with bad ergonomics.

    So you do not have CTS. What do you have. The scalene muscles in the neck are also unlikely because numbness from them usually begins on the thumb side first.

    The pectoralis minor muscle is possible – particularly if they are worse when your arms are chest high or higher, but feel better when your hands are down.

    Tight forearms are possible. Squeeze your forearm muscles – particularly within a few inches of the elbow on the little finger side (but elsewhere as well). If they are very tender, it may be from tight forearm muscles.

    Another possible cause is pinching at the vertebrae of the lower part of the neck. Try bringing your ear toward your shoulder as far as you can and hold it for 30 seconds, then do the same thing on the other side. If doing these makes it either worse or better, then that is where your problem is coming from. In that case your quickest solution may be a chiropractor.

    A less likely cause is cubital tunnel syndrome. I don’t have videos on that, but you can google it. This is in the elbow (think “funny bone”). Often that is caused by resting elbows on a hard surface, although there are other causes.

    Hope that helps.

  15. Hi Hilma,

    Found your website while looking for clickbank products to promote,and partially because it has some relevance to me…

    My 2 outside fingers on my left hand have been getting progressively numb over the last few years, and one of my doctors said it was probably a pinched nerve in my neck. Because you mentioned that in a few of your videos I thought I would ask you what your thoughts were? I do not sit at my keyboard 12 hours a day so I do not think it is carpal, but could be wrong..just curios what you thought?



  16. Candice,
    I am so sorry to hear of everything you have been through.

  17. Candice on said:

    I just stumbled upon your website and boy do I wish I would have seen it a couple of years ago. My story is VERY long but to try and make it short, I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome two years ago. I have since had two first rib resections and a scalenectomy wich have unfortunatlly have not worked. I have been unable to work for a year and a half. I went to PT many times and it never helped. To think that the whole time that my muscles were so so tight they caused all of my symptoms almost brings me to tears. Your website is very helpful Thank You

  18. Thanks Gabriel,
    Work with it and if you still have questions let me know. I’ll be out of town until Monday.

  19. gabriel on said:

    dear hilma, its me again gabriel from los angeles,i tried to losen my forearm muscle and feel alittle better,i need more teqniues so im buying ur course because cutting hair is what i do and im scared,people keep telling me my career might be cut short!!and i cant have that happen.if theres anything else please feel free to e mail me,thank you so much!

  20. Good day. To start with I wish to say that I really like your web site, just identified it the past week but I’ve been reading it constantly since then.

    I seem to be to concur with most of the thoughts and opinions and this submit is no different. I fully

    Thank you for the great web site and I hope you keep up the very good operate. If you do I will continue to browse it.

    Have a wonderful evening.

  21. Hi, Gabriel. Because the forearm muscles primarily move the wrist and fingers, and because of your occupation and weight lifting, I can about guarantee that your forearms are tight. The forearm muscles that close the fingers (flexor muscles) get used much more than the extensor muscles that open the hand. That creates muscle imbalance – creating nerve pinching. When you lift weights, most people grip the weight with a closed hand. This overuses the flexor muscles of the forearm – even if you are trying to work the biceps or some other muscle group.

    Chances are great that if you loosen up the forearm muscles, including the tendons that go through the carpal tunnel, it is likely that you will solve your problem.

    But sometimes nerve pinching can come from more than one place.

  22. gabriel on said:

    dear hilma,im abarber in los angeles.recently im experiencing a littltle numbnesss in my fingers and alittle on my forearm.i also lift wieghts for the past two years seriously.also a littlte pain in wrist,like u said ,my doctor only looked at my wrist!and then mentioned surgery!!!!!!i thought hell no! there has to be a better way! at work i wear a brace that dosent let me rock my wrist and i work comfortly.but the tingleing is still there,at fist i was scared then one day i came across you on utube,and i need help!

  23. Sach, Sorry, I don’t have any other way to collect.

    Mid-Febuary I expect to turn this into a Clickbank Product and then you can order through them. Unfortunately the price will be higher then.

  24. sachin on said:

    Hi Hilma,
    Is there any other way I can purchase your system?I want to avoid paypal as I am from India and I had a horrible time last time doing online purchasing thru paypal. Please advise.

  25. Hello George,
    Most people who use their hands for almost anything have tight forearms. Your little incident sent things over the edge. While they will probably get back to where they were before without doing anything, I SUGGEST you do my self-help techniques for forearm, wrist and hands.

    As a massage therapist for over 18 years, I know that massage is good for so many things. I also know that the majority of massage therapists are not very effective at treatment.

    The techniques I put in the videos are ones I have developed, adapted, modified, etc. for use on my own overworked arms. Now I’m teaching it to others.

  26. Thanks Rosalie,
    For now, I’m not going to be doing any videos on the lower body. There’s so much I want to do , including creating a product on how to reverse carpal tunnel syndrome etc. But other things keep coming up.

    Have you tried searching Youtube?

  27. George on said:

    Dear Hilma,
    I am 29 years old.Before 4 days I had watched a film for continuous 3 hours lying on the bed by putting the left hand elbow on the bed and resting my hed on my left arm. After that I felt a little bit numbness on my left hand elbow and wrist. Next day one local doctor gave me one oil for self massaging and capsules for 5 days. 3 days have passed and though there is improvement still I feel little bit numbness in my elbow and wrist and it is difficult to move the hands freely while holding objeccts with little bit weight..
    Kindly let me know whether the massage would be enough for such numbness and will it take much time to get back to normal condition.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  28. Rosalie Priday on said:

    Thank you for your very helpful stretches. Do you also do leg and back stretches? Could really use some help with tight upper thighs and butt muscles in AM. Try to do stretches upon arising and before bed, but not always successful in averting pain. Take lots of Magnesium just in case that will help. Would sincerely appreciate any hints.
    Thanks once again for the great videos and your fantastic personality .

  29. First, shoulders are complicated. Often more than one muscle is involved. You never want to force a stretch.

    However, my guess is you have a problem with your subscapularis muscle. Try reaching up the middle of your back with your hand. If you can’t do it – subscapularis. Try doing a search for subscapularis stretches or treatment. (also try youtube).

    By the way, this is the most common rotator cuff problem.

  30. Adrienne on said:

    Hi Hilma,

    My question is about the pectoralis minor stretches which I know I need since I get numbness in my hands when cycling. The stretch where you stand against the wall, elbows bent about 90 degrees to the side and backs of arms against wall I’ve always found problematic, especially on my right side where none of my forearm can touch the wall(I guess I have no external rotation?) On the left side most of the forearm can touch but the wrist can’t so the hand stays away from the wall a bit. Because of this extreme tightness on the right, I have been having trouble sleeping on the right side since I don’t know what to do with that arm- when the elbow is bent 90 degrees,back of the hand facing the bed, the forearm and wrist lift right off the bed (when mot people would just lie hand over hand on the bed) and there’s a huge pull under my armpit. (latissumus maybe?)At one point I would try to stay there and use this as a stretch for whatever it is under my armpit area that needs to release but I feel now this may be just straining it as I am having a bit of pain in positions like downward dog. So I suspect I need a stretch on the other side of the shoulder too-any suggestions?

    Thanks so much, those were great stretches that I haven’t seen before!

  31. Hi Jeff, since you only mention pain and not numbness and that the ice dip and stretching are helping, I am guessing the problem is in the forearm muscles/tendons. So I would start with that first.

    Watch my 2 videos on the hand, wrist and forearm. Do the he self-help techniques in the second video – work the entire hand to to top of forearm area thoroughly.

    Ice is great. It accelerates your body’s natural healing. I used to ice dip and alternate with hot (not too hot). The probem with that is the fingers can not tollerate the cold. Instead of that I prefer keeping a bottle of water in the refrigerator and just slowly pouring the cold water from wrist to forearm. “Painting” with ice is good too. However, having said that, I seldom use ice, I find my forearm techniques so beneficial and handy.

    I also find my hand, wrist and forearm techniques work better than any strretches I’ve tried.

  32. Hilma, I have had tendonitis in my left wrist for about 18mos. I am told by my orthopedic surgeon on reading my hand MRI that I have no medical condition in my hand or wrist that is causing the pain. He is also confident that my wrist pain is not carpal tunnel. He does not believe there is a surgical solution for the pain in my wrist. The occupational therapist I have seen only works at the source of the pain at my left wrist.

    My research of your information and from another therapist on the web, Joshua Tucker, indicates that it is highly likely my wrist pain comes from neck, shoulders, chest and/or forearm. And, almost certainly not from my wrist.

    Currently, I am doing a regimin of ice dipping, and wrist strecthes every 10mins for 2hrs a day as recommended by Joshua Tucker. I have been doing this regimin now for 6 days and have exeperience a lessening of pain. I am optimistic about this regimin, but I am also interested in doing other positive things to relieve the pain fully.

    My question for you is whether you believe the forearm massages, chest, shoulder and neck stretches would be effective for wrist tendonitis as well as carpal tunnel. I would also be interested in anything you might have to offer that you think would be effective in healing my wrist. On the assumption that your recommendations would be effective for wrist tendonitis as well as carpal tunnel I started doing them today.

    Thank you for your thorough descriptions of what causes carpal tunnel as well as the videos that show how to perform the massage and stretches.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  33. Thanks Kevin. I’m still trying to figure out how to best organize this site.

  34. Lots of great information here and I found the videos very interesting. I’ll be trying out the forearm muscle loosening over the next week or so to see if it helps me. Thanks Hilma!

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