How Safe is Microwave Food?

What do microwave ovens do to the nutritional value of food? How safe is the food you microwave?

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There are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding microwave cooking.

The microwaves are not like nuclear radiation which is a higher frequency. They do not break atoms and molecules apart.

All cooking methods destroy enzymes which cannot take heat over 125 degrees F for more than a few minutes. All cooking methods reduce the amount of vitamins. Steaming vegetables retains the most vitamins. Microwaving with adding little or no water is comparable to steaming.

Because of the shorting cooking times, microwaves keep more nutrients than other cooking methods.

The test of a science project student who watered plants with microwaved water compared to other water has been proven to be totally an invalid study.

You can not get radiation from eating microwaved food.

However, it is important not to use plastic wraps or dishes of any kind in the microwave because they can release toxins into food. Use glass or approved ceramic (made in USA for example should not have lead based colors or coatings). I like Corelle ware because it is thin,

Please check out the provided links for more information on this subject.

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