Lose Weight Thinking Like a Fat Person? Not.

I’m 62 (and a half) years old and I was always mystified as to how people “struggled” with weight loss.

And many of these same people were successful in areas where I was not.  Why were they successful in financial areas or making friends easily when I didn’t?  Being skinny was such a no brainer for me.  If you burn more caloried than you eat, you have to lose weight. Duh!

No, I have never been overweight, and NO it is not my metabolism.  I have told others that I know the secret of being thin.  They ask how and I say “watch what fat people do and don’t do it”.

And there is truth in that.  Because if did what they did, if I ate what they ate and always took the elevator instead of one flight of steps and never walked anywhere, I would be fat too.

But here is the thing…

Fat people think differently than thin people.  And rich people think differently than poor people and differently than middle class people.  And people in successful relationships think differently than people who struggle in their relationships.  And cheerful people think differently than those who think negatively.

We have programs about everything running in the background of our brain.  Our subconscious dictates what we do.

You can lose weight on almost any diet program.  Some are more healthy than others.  But if you don’t make the change in your subconscious thinking, you will gain it all back.

The worst programs are the ones that tell you you don’t have to change your lifestyle.  Just take these pills and shakes and you don’t need exercise and you can eat anything you want.  Why are these the worst?  Yes you will lose weight if you follow this very unnatural program, but You are still thinking like a fat person and you will gain it all back when you stop using their stuff.

We have programs in our minds for just about everything.  Some are more about physical activities, some are more emotional, some are more mental.  Some we developed over a lifetime.  Some are newer.

Have you ever watched a person who never danced very well try to learn to dance?  Perhaps you?  Every placement of the foot is very conscious and awkward.  Yea, been there.  I know I was consciously saying to myself, stuff like “right, left, step behind, quick, quick,” whatever.  But if you watch good dancers gliding along the dance floor, they don’t consciously think about it, they just do it.  They have a program for the waltz or the two-step. And the next dance they learn will be easier to learn, because of subconscious programing.

So what does that have to do with weight loss?

You will never keep weight off if you have a fat program running.  And changing a lifetime of programing is difficult to do.

The easiest way to change your programing is with hypnosis. 

There is a hypnosis clinic in a nearby city that charges hundreds of dollars for a series of sessions, and they have great results.  A local community college offered a non-credit series of 5 group sessions for a much cheaper rate. A massage client of mine enrolled in the evening college class.  She rushed in and barely made it to the first session, was out of town for the second session, and still noticed that she didn’t have the food cravings anymore.

An at home program is not only more affordable and convenient.  But you can always listen again if you find youself slipping. 

The most highly rated and affordable program I have found is the Power of Thin by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Steve G. Jones and Consumer Health Maverick, Frank Mangano,

I have a few hypnosis mp3s that I recently purchased from Steve G. Jones.  They won’t cause you to do anything weird like fall in love with the next bald person you meet.  And frankly it will probably take multiple listenings to change your years of programing.  But it is the quickest way to put a install a new program in your subconscious mind, just as a new program on your computer changes what your computer can do.

This weight loss program is not about dieting.  Diets don’t work. Lifestyle changes work.  You get 5 hypnosis mp3s plus 6 reports on healthy eating and what foods to really avoid. 

How many times have you seen someone lose a lot of weight, put out a diet book, and then they later gain it all back?  Why?  They are still thinking like a fat person. 

Well, I’ve rattled on long enough without listing all the health reasons why losing weight and exercising is important.  But it does not need to be a struggle.

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