Low Back Pain? Dance theTwist!

Are you old enough to remember the Twist?

Chubby Checker made it popular back in 1960.  It was all the dance rage.  See the video below to see how it goes.

In spite of the guy in the last second of the video, the dance is actally good for most backs.

Now if you have something structurally wrong with your spine and this does not feel good or your doctor says you shouldn’t, then don’t.

But in most cases the pain is in the low back muscles and the nerves within those muscles (muscles are full of nerves) are unhappy.  Why?  Because if the muscles probably aren’t getting adequate blood supply.  That not only restricts the oxygen and nutrients but slows down the elimination of waste products from the muscles.  And that pisses off the nerves and when they are pissed off enough they will let you know.

Well a dance like the Twist (or hey remember the hula hoop) gets the low back muscles moving – which encourages the blood flow.  Also to the muscles along the spine.  And the ligaments between the bones will appreciate getting some spinal movement too.

But before you go “Twisting the Night Away” limit yourself to one dance a day for the first few days to see how you feel the day after.

Now if you have bad knees, Twisting may not be your best exercise.
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You’re going to comment on that last guy, aren’t you.

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