Make a Laptop Holder in 5 Seconds

Why you must have a laptop or notebook holder to save your body from physical pain, poor posture, and other problems…

As wonderful as the technology is, small computers cause all kinds of problems. Usually it creeps up so slowly that you don’t associate neck pain, upper back pain, headaches, numb fingers, and sore sholders to these devices.

This video not only shows you why you need a holder for your laptop, but..

How to make a folding, portable, lightweight laptop holder in 5 seconds for free.

In order for the holder to benefit you, you do need to have a separate keyboard and mouse. If you keep your laptop at home or mostly use it at places that have electricity, a regular keyboard and mouse is fine.


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Make a Laptop Holder in 5 Seconds — 13 Comments

  1. Yes it should be a comfortable neutral position.

  2. Eric Black on said:

    Thanks for the video. I am surprised how complicated, expensive, and heavy most laptop stands are–with fans, batteries, USB hubs, etc. I use a simple, light, folding, adjustable-height stand from Targus for about $20:
    It isn’t quite as tall as your box, but it’s a big help while I’m traveling.

  3. It’s my understanding the eyes should be level with about the top portion of the screen. So whatever height that is. If looking up to much it can cause neck pain and severe constant headaches also

  4. Yes Shar, but you want the box high enough so that you are not having to roll your neck or upper back down. That is the point.

  5. If you want to cut down the size of a box so it isn’t as tall, start cutting at top of box on all four corners. You’ll wind up with longer flaps. Either fold them to make a new crease or cut them somewhere to make flaps shorter. This works for making a shorter box and for mailing a smaller box

  6. Yeah rant away. As beyond amazing as the technology is, the manufacturers have not addressed all the numerous physical problems that laptops, notebooks, smartphones and tablets can cause. And from the private sector, I’ve seen attempts at accessories that help – but no near perfect solution.

  7. Hi Mary Eagle, Yes computer ergonomics is multi-faceted. Did you mean to say 10 feet from the monitor though? Or maybe a huge monitor.

  8. Awe shucks, gee thanks. I quit coloring my hair even. Used to trade massage for hair services.

  9. Thanks, Hilma. I’ve been following your hints for years,and I am grateful. By the way, you look younger and better than you did when you started Carpal Tunnel Master. Congrats!

  10. Mary Eagle on said:

    Dear Hilma – As a teacher of the Alexander Technique I am SO appreciative of your understanding of the inevitable cost to one’s neck and back of ‘device hunch’, aka forward slouch…and your spreading to your audience this excellent, common-sense solution.

    I take your suggestion one step farther, in regard to my desktop computer. I sit about 10′ away from the monitor (closer gives me a headache) with a bluetooth ergonomic keyboard in my lap, which is at a 90 degree angle with the help of a footstool. This allows my elbows to hang easily by my side, my head and back to lean gently supported along my gliding chair back, and my wrists to sustain no kink at all as I type.

  11. Thanks so much, Hilma, for this “box” suggestion. When I had carpal tunnel syndrome, I appreciated your series on how to relieve that. In my case the problem had grown so severe over many years that I needed the surgery. SO STRENGTHEN THOSE SHOULDERS, READERS!

  12. Thanks, Hilma. Great idea! I am glad I subscribe to you emails.

  13. Yes. I have been saying for at least 15 years that the proliferation of laptops is going to be trouble. When you consider the amount of effort that has been put into making regular computers ergonomically safe, to say nothing of all the work that was done with typewriters before that to make them safe and fast to use, it really emphasizes the sheer carelessness that has characterized the design of the small computers. Furthermore, those sleazy keyboards are impossible to type on with any ease, which slows down the whole process. People need real keyboards with real switches. As for those toy telephones with their keyhole screens, it’s all a hindrance to communication. My rant for the day….

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