Make a Wrist Rest for Your Mouse in 5 Seconds

That darn computer mouse can cause you a lot of pain (eventually).

It can cause sore forearms and tendons and even be a factor in carpal tunnel syndrome.

You can minimize the impact that your computer mouse has on your hand, wrist and forearm by using a wrist rest.

You can make one with what you already have for free in 5 seconds or less.

Watch the video to see do’s and don’t of using a mouse. And how to quickly make a wrist rest fro your mouse.

Hilma Volk Retired Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Nutritional Coach

Looking for a vertical mouse? Look Here.




Make a Wrist Rest for Your Mouse in 5 Seconds — 7 Comments

  1. J.C. You are welcome.

  2. thank you , Hilma

  3. Hi Hilma! Thankyou for the video with hood advice! Who would of thought a sock? Ill definitely pass this on to clients and friends ­čÖé

  4. Hi Caroline, you didn’t send me an email. I sent it out to people who had signed up for either a product or tips. All the best, Hilma

  5. Caroline Towers on said:

    Great tip, as I already have wrist and elbow pain. From now on I will be using a sock so I hope it helps reduce the stress on my wrist.

    Received your e-mail but cannot remembers what I wrote to you about as I have memory problems due to Fibromyalgia.

  6. Hi Joshua, the only trouble is my cat hides them. Luckily I have many old socks.

  7. Joshua Coppersmith on said:

    Another great tip from Hilma. My wrist rest was built into my desk, and it was hard. Silly me I still used it. Fortunately, it unscrews and I can remove it and try a sock or two.

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