Night Cramps – Restless Leg Syndrome – Weird Remedy

This is an old remedy for leg cramps and restless leg syndrome.  When I first heard about it I thought it was ridiculous.

But Id hear about it once in a while from my massage clients.  (I’m retired from that now). So I looked it up and found that thousands of people swear by it.

Costs maybe a dollar a year.  Found at any grocery store.  And it does work for me.  Short video.

This does not work for everyone.  But it is amazing how many it does help.  It is so simple and cheap that it is worth a try.

Are you looking for a proven Leg Cramp supplement without any kind of sugar?  Try Hyland’s, Leg Cramps

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Night Cramps – Restless Leg Syndrome – Weird Remedy — 27 Comments

  1. Monica on said:

    My husband use to have horrible night leg cramps. The soap did away with them. Didn’t help me with restless legs but taking an iron supplement has even though my normal iron levels are not low. Takes about 5 to 7 days to start working. When I have run out of the supplement about 5 to 7 days later the restless legs start up again.

  2. Hi Shelli, All I have done is relay a folk remedy that has been used for hundred of years. I’m sure it won’t work for every single person. But there is no reason not to give it a go.

  3. SHELLI HEISS on said:


  4. Hi Karen. Hugs back, Hilma

  5. Hi Hilma! I have read about this soap & while I only have had a leg cramp once, and it was only the start of God! How awful, I jumped out of bed as I have seen my husband do and now my son and go walking fast holding the spot as if to escape it, i began to do the same and it left….man I can’t imagine if that cramp had fully bunched! My son is 31, the look on his face during & after the cramp….looked like he was in shock..I can’t wait to see them & try it out. I hope they will listen….Ions are a big thing. I have pain from deteriorating knee bones, and God knows what else…I’m in terrible pain all the time…I really must lay my fears aside & get to the Dr. I have had 2 knee surgeries….I love your page and enjoy listening to you speak, your so comfortable to be with! Hugs, Karen

  6. Maxine on said:

    Hi hilma. I just want to let you know that the soap is a miracle. I suffered with terrible leg cramps and have not had one cramp since I first used this incredible under my sheets. I get migraines so will be trying the method you advocate.
    Thank you so much. Amazing.

  7. Georgina wilson on said:

    One glycerin, one plain, one Dove in a muslin bag.. four weeks now and going well…bar one little niggle which went when I pulled my soaps up from the bottom of the bed…wonderful.. Have suffered for 30 years or more, despite all sorts of multi-minerals. Onwards…

  8. Preferably near your calves or your feet, whichever tend to cramp.

  9. Teresa Tompkins on said:

    Does it matter where you put the soap under the sheet?

  10. Marsha on said:

    Just wanted to let you know how great the bar of soap between the sheets works for my leg cramps. When my friend told me about this remedy I was doubtful but it works wonderful.I did start to et a cramp one night and immediately located the bar of soap and put my leg on it and to my amazement the cramp went right away. That was when I first started using this method and I haven’t had another one since then. I’m loving it because I use to get them every couple of days and they were so bad I couldn’t get out of bed, just lie there and scream. This is such a relief for me and I am so grateful to have heard about it. Something so simple that can do so much.

  11. B. Bowden on said:

    I will definitely try this. One very quick way to get rid of charlie horses: a small glass of pickle juice. Down all the juice and, without a word of a lie, the cramp disappears. Saw this used on a crab fishing boat and the captain had the deckmate drink the juice and within a minute, his cramp was gone. My husband tried it and swears by the pickle juice. We now have a jar keep in our fridge.

  12. I have used this remedy for several years. I put the bar of soap in a zippered pillow case, along with a pillow. I sleep with this between my legs at night. I have used the same bar of soap for a couple of years. I had never heard that you were to scrape it off. It still works. I keep a bar of soap until it falls apart – two to three years usually. I recommend this method to everyone I can. They often think I am crazy.

  13. Hi Alcira. I have no idea if it would help. But soap is cheap and it would be a drug free experiment for you to try with the soap about hip level.

  14. Bethany on said:

    So far so good. Have had Dial under the bottom sheet for three weeks and no cramping. Thank you!!

  15. Alcira Garcia-Vassauxa on said:

    Would this remedy help leg pain? I have problems with my hip, causes much pain when laying down. Thanks.

  16. regina on said:

    I enjoyed your video on RLS and soap. You are adorable. You remind me of one of my 3 sisters, who is also adorable. Thanks for the great suggestion.

  17. Right. The essential electrolytes are potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium. Epsom salt is a good absorbable source of magnesium. I use about the same amount you would find in a tablet. There are several non-sugar electrolyte supplements. One of them is Hyland’s, Leg Cramps (yeah that is an affiliate link, I would get a tiny commission from Amazon).

  18. RoseMarie Hernandez on said:

    I’ll try this and shared it on Facebook. FYI you’re right about the sugary sports drink, however, a tsp. of sea salt in water works well in the middle of the night and a couple of times of day if this is chronic. I heard Gatorade was originally with no sugar. It was only added to market more easily, NOT for health reasons. If you’re losing a lot of minerals through perspiration or IBSD (like I was), full spectrum mineral supplements and extra magnesium both as a supplement and topically help.

  19. Elizabeth Harrelson on said:

    My husband had done this for at least 20 years. He had leg cramps, very painful leg cramps. He hasn’t had any since we heard about the soap from a friend. We always have a bar of Irish Spring under the bottom sheet.

  20. Yes, we have been raised on TV commercials that tell us that if we have a problem we just take a pill.

  21. carole parkinson on said:

    saw your video on FB yest. re: soap and leg cramps….I have been having charlie horses in both my legs recently every day and night so gave it a try and am pleased to say last night I had no discomfort or cramping in my legs and slept all night which I have not been able to do for months….besides, the bed smels nice to boot!!! thanks so much for the information, I appreciate it.

  22. Hi! I heard this from an Amish woman while at work a few years back. She was searching for a single bar of soap. She explained it was for her mother to tuck in the sheets to help make her leg cramps disappear. I tried and and as you say – it works! When a customer brings leg cramp over the counter meds to the register, I mention the bar of soap to them. Most would much rather take a pill then sleep with soap between the sheets. Crazy, huh?

  23. not true on the soap needing to a new bar.I use very small slivers of soap and being dried out doesnt matter,I just moisten a spot on my leg and press soap sliver against it and it will stick with in seconds and then in 15 minutes or less pain is gone,have been using this meathod for about 20 years

  24. Linda Gossard on said:

    Just bought my bar of lavender soap today. Thanks!! FYI, I have found coconut water to be the most helpful beverage re muscle cramps, regardless of time of day.

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