Carpal Tunnel Master Program

  • If you are considering a self-help program for carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • If you are wondering if you even have carpal tunnel syndrome or is it something else.

This video tells how my Carpal Tunnel Master program:

  • Differs from anything out there.
  • Why programs that only focus on the carpal tunnel are missing other factors that could be mimicking carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome never includes numbness in the little finger.  But it is a problem most courses don’t cover.
  • Thumb pain is usually caused by other things.  Other programs don’t address those.
  • Why stretching is not the quickest or best self-help method.

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Thumb, Wrist Pain from iPad and other Tablets

Almost as soon as the iPad was introduced to the world on April 3, 2010, new terminology also sprang up. like iPad neck and iPad shoulder,  Shortly after that iPad hand and i-Thumb.  Those added to an earlier coined Blackberry thumb.

The techno marvel with exponential growth.  141 million iPads sold world wide, and growing even quicker 112 million Android tablets….

…this may also become the decade of techno pain.

This video tells how holding tablets can cause thumb, wrist and hand pain.

Fortunately, the accessory market is growing as a number of inventors must have said something like “I love this thing, but it’s killing me.”

I’m sure more accessories and inventions are in the works right now in attempts to lessen the physical impact  that small technology is having on the body.

Spinning Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Here’s a quick video on how spinning (the kind you do in a gym) can create carpal tunnel syndrome and what you can do to avoid that.  This also applies to bicycles.

 To find self-help techniques for carpal tunnel syndrome as well as other related problems go to the program I developed,