The Real Reason You Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

 Do you think you have carpal tunnel syndrome? Most doctors will tell you there is no cure for carpal tunnel syndrome. 

That’s because generally doctors go after the symptoms, but almost never the cause of the problem.

Please read this carefully. The real reason you have carpal tunnel syndrome is due to muscle imbalance in your forearms.  Here is where nearly all medical professionals fail to make the connection.

What do I mean by that? The forearm muscles move the wrist and fingers. When you open and close your hand, they are actually being moved by the forearm muscles.

Nearly all of the muscles that are used in key boarding, using a mouse, playing most musical instruments, and so forth, are forearm muscles.  When you use weights with your hand closed, you are actually using the forearm muscles to grip.  This is so even if you are working different muscle groups.

In order to cure carpal tunnel syndrome yourself, you need to understand the following:

The flexor muscles are located on the front side of the forearm. These are the muscles that close the fingers and wrist.  The extensor muscles are the muscles that pull the fingers and the wrist backward. 

When you use your hands for almost anything the flexors are using much more effort than the extensors.  The extensor muscles don’t have resistance.

The flexor muscles get thicker and shorter.  The tendons of the flexor muscles likewise get thicker and shorter  Tendons connect muscle to bone.

The tendons that run from the forearms to the fingers are longer and skinnier than most tendons.  The 9 flexor tendons run through the carpal tunnel. 

The shortened flexor muscles pull the wrist forward, reducing the size of the carpal tunnel.  The thicker tendons now reduce the amount of room in the carpal tunnel.

This creates more irritation and inflammation.  More and more pressure is applied to the median nerve.

People find night splints helpful because they keep the hand in a neutral position. Thus they keep the carpal tunnel open.

But they do not fix muscle imbalance. They don’t make you get better. While they feel like they are helping your problem is going to get worse unless you do something to reverse your muscle imbalance.

Try this.  Hold your hands in a neutral position.  By that I mean that the back of your hand is in a straight line with the back of the forearm.  Now keeping your hands in the neutral position, drop them to your sides.  Try forgetting about your hands for a couple minutes. 

If you have to concentrate to hold your hands in a neutral position, they are out of balance. If your muscles are balanced they would hold your hand in a neutral position without you having to try.

So the answer is to get the forearm muscles longer and looser.  Most programs and physical therapists use stretches.  While these can work eventually, it takes dedication, and you have to do it right.  Some people will quit if they don’t get speedy results. 

When I was having hand problems, stretching didn’t work for me.

What did work were targeted self-massage methods. 

You can find them at Carpal Tunnel Master.

These effective and specific self-help methods do not require using your hands.  Nor do they require any gizmos.  The majority of massage therapists haven’t studied this.  You can do better work on yourself.  It is easy when you know how. Working on your forearms a few minutes at a time, a two or three times a day will do you more good, and save you a lot of money and time.

The reasons these work so incredibly because you directly loosen the tightness in the tendons and muscles, improve the healing blood supply to them, directly unstick muscle fibers that are stuck together, as well as unstick muscle cells that are stuck in contraction.

Live well, save time, be happy.

Back Pain Stretch

Here’s a video that shows a great stretch if you have back pain.

The stretch is in the second part of the video. 

When he starts talking about this stretch, he is in the lotus position.  But don’t worry, that is not the position for the back stretch, so keep watching the video. 

The first part of the video, Lucas Rockwood, demonstrates a Quinoa Toss Salad.  If you don’t know what quinoa is, I’ll tell you at the bottom of this post.

Again, the back pain stretch is in the second part of the video.

To see more of Lucus Rockwood’s Videos and Articles click here.


Quinoa Toss Salad — this is a hearty, delicious salad that can be used as a complete meal.

Quinoa Toss Salad Recipe:

* 1/2 head broccoli
* 2 cups quinoa
* 4 radishes, finely chopped
* 1 slice ginger, finely chopped
* 1 tomato, chopped
* 1 cucumber (seeded)
* 2-3 Tbs cold-pressed olive oil
* 1/2 tsp sea salt
* dulce
* lemon
1. Steam your broccoli very lightly
2. Simmer your quinoa in 4 cups of water for 15 minutes
3. Peel your cucumber, slice it in half and drag a spoon down the middle to deseed it,
4. Chop the cucumber, and finely chop your radish and ginger
5. Mix the quinoa, tomato, broccoli, salt and oil together in a bowl with your chopped ingredients
6. Let sit for an hour, top with dulce and lemon and serve


Quinoa can substitute for nearly any grain in cooking. (It is really the seed of a leafy plant that is a cousin to spinach).

Anyway, Here are the Advantages of Quinoa

It is a complete source of protein.  – unlike other grains.  This makes it ideal for vegetarians or others who just want to reduce their meat consumption.

It is gluten free.  Use quinoa instead of pasta.  Whether they know it or not, an estimated 1 person in 8 in the USA is gluten intolerant.  If you experience a lot of digestive problems try going gluten free for a month.

Great for cardiovascular health
Quinoa is especially high in is magnesium. 

Magnesium helps to relax the blood vessels, reducing the rates of hypertension, heart disease, or heart arrhythmias.  That also helps the blood supply to the muscles, which can help reduce pain and stiffness.

Helps digestion and reduces the risk of gallstones

Quinoa is high in fiber.  That helps keep the digestive track running smoothly, and can also help reduce your risk of getting gallstones.

Helps with your immune system..
Quinoa is also high in manganese and copper, which helps to boost you antioxidant levels.

You can find quinoa in health food stores
and also in some supermarkets.


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