Break Bad Habits Like Nail Biting, Smoking, Etc.

Do you have a bad habit that you want to stop?

Well, this works, BUT ONLY if you really want to stop.

On ABC’s Shark Tank, May 20, 2016, The last person doing a pitch did not get an investment deal for his habit breaking shock wrist band.

The idea behind it

I forgot how much this shocking item was supposed to sell for.  But it was expensive.

But you can break a bad habit using a free method that does the same thing.  It is what psychologists call self-administered adversive conditioning.

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Whether the bad habit is smoking, nail biting, drugs or any other habit you stop, you can train yourself simply by snapping a rubber band that’s on your wrist.  This when repeated enough will train your brain to associate more pain than pleasure with the habit.  However it will only work if you want to make a change.

Stop Mosquito Bite Itch. 34 Methods

Pesky Mosquito Bites

The more you scratch them the more they itch.  Before they drive you insane, here are 34 methods that I’ve collected off the Internet to try to relieve the itch.

I’ve tried some of these but not others.  If you have something that works for you, or has not worked, please leave a comment below.

Here are what are listed in the video:
These are applied to the bite – not taken internally

Chlorasceptic Throat Spray
Vicks VaporRub
cortisone cream
aloe vera
moistened tobacco – from a cigarette
Purell – the hand sanatiser
apple cider vinegar
basil oil or crushed leaves
rubbing alcohol
scotch tape over bite
Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel and Baking Soda mix
Your own spit
Topical Benedryl
Sarna Anti-itch Lotion
Milk of Magnesia
lavender oil alone or mixed with coconut oil
plantain – a common weed. crushed
calamine lotion
Deodorant contains aluminum chloride
banana peel – the inside of the peel
clear nail polish – peel off after itch goes away
tea tree oil
lemon or lime – don’t wear in sun – can cause blisters
Peppermint oil or crushed leaves
Gold Bond Instant Relief
Raw Organic Honey
Calendula herb
Heat – back of sppon technique
hair dryer
Epsom Salt paste or 2 cups in bath tub.
Baking Soda paste or 2 cups or 1lb box in bath


Repel Birds from Fruit Trees

I’ve always been a fruit lover. I’d rather have an apple than a piece of chocolate.

But I have a special weakness for cherries. If my mother ever bought cherries she would admonish me, “Don’t eat the cherries. They’re for your father.”

She knew I would gobble them down. They were such a very rare treat.

Now I have my own cherry trees, a couple of pear and apple trees as well. But the birds really lick the fruits too.

This is how I keep my precious cherries for myself and not the robins and starlings. They will every last one if you don’t have a way to protect them.

Update: Instead of hot sauce, you can use powdered cayenne pepper (think spice rack). You will need to add some water as well as a little dish soap and cooking oil.

I can’t give you a firm recipe because I didn’t measure. But use a lot of cayenne pepper in a mix of 1/4 cup of water, a squirt of dish soap, and 1/4 cup of oil. Use a hose sprayer.

After I made this video I found tips from Claudia Brownlie on how to grow great fruits and vegetables on a budget.  She has homemade ways of keeping weeds, insects and animals from your crops.  Economic, eco-friendly, organic, and frugal ways to grow your own healthy food. For more information click here.

Secret of Happiness

How an out of print children’s book holds the secret to happiness.

The delightful out-of-print “Contented Little Pussy Cat” was published in 1949. The simplicity of the lessons it contains are very profound. Written by Frances Ruth Keller. Illustrated by Adele Werber and Doris Laslo. Published by The Platt & Munk Co, Inc. Commentary and ventriloquism by Hilma Volk with friends Wrinkles and Gordon.