Migraine Headache — Quick Simple Tip

This was taught to me several years ago when I was taking a Continuing Education Class for massage.  The rest of the course had nothing to do with headaches.

The idea is that when you are having a migraine headache, the blood is going into your head faster than it is going out.  The idea is to shock your vein open.

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Woder 10K Water Filtration – Review

This is a review of the Woder 10K under sink water filtration system.  It is designed to tap into your cold water line under the sink.  The purpose is to filter out chlorine and heavy minerals.  It is for use with municipal water only because the filter is not for taking care of micro-organisms (germs).

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Treating Tennis Elbow with the Armaid

You don’t have to play tennis to have tennis elbow.

Often people call it tendinitis (tendonitis) but more commonly it is really tendonosis. And the two are treated quite differently.

This video describes both and what to do about them using a fabulous tool called the Armaid.

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There are more videos there on how to use it.
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