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Everyone knows most mainstream “diet” information is not only incorrect, but will actually make you fatter.

Like it or not, the government and media dictate to us what is healthy and what isn’t, yet their advice is often fraudulent, deceitful, and ultimately harmful to your health and fat loss goals.

And nobody is more of a victim of these fat loss saboteurs than women…

In fact, the media SPECIFICALLY targets women far more than men when it comes to weight floss – and offers diet advice that simply doesn’t work…

Promoting products like…

“Diet” yogurts stuffed full of toxic ingredients like aspartame, food coloring, and other preservatives…

Diet sodas & fruit drinks that contain NO nutritional value whatsoever…
And prepackaged “diet” food items that will not only INFLATE your belly like a balloon, but can lead to chronic conditions like Diabetes, Alzheimers, and worse…
Many of the so-called “health” foods you see advertised contain ingredients called excitotoxins that have a similar effect on your brain to MORPHINE on your body.

An effect that can cause rabid addiction to these foods. Creating a drug-like dependency that makes it hard to stop eating them once you’ve started.

And even worse… when you try to stop eating them, you go through a ‘detox’ process like drug withdrawal – making it almost impossible to quit.

And as for those commercials with attractive women touting these foods’ health “benefits”?

Unless you call type 2 diabetes a health benefit, STAY AWAY.

With all the misinformation out there, it’s no wonder obesity (and the other terrible health conditions that come with it) is such an epidemic right now…

And that women, more than ever, are facing unprecedented obstacles to their health that THWART their natural ability to burn off fat.

Well, no longer…

You to a special online event – for women only – that’s designed to push the weight loss conversation forward by 10 years.

It’s called “For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution” and it’s a FREE online event that will help you finally – and permanently – lose weight and get the body that you desire.

In this event, you’ll learn everything from 40 Experts:…

  • What to eat (and which foods to avoid)
  • How to balance and take control of your hormones
  • How to heal digestion, thyroid, and autoimmune conditions that are sabotaging your weight loss naturally
  • How to “cheat” and still lose weight
  • How to exercise (and more importantly, how NOT to exercise)
  • And, of course, a LOT more..

The event begins October 21st, and will be FREE to watch while the event is going on.

I’d highly recommend checking it out, as it could be the final step in achieving your weight loss goals.

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Tight Forearms? Fix Them.

A client of mine introduced me to the Armaid and it is the only gadget I endorse for loosening up those tight forearms. Works for upper arms too.

If you’ve followed me, you know I say that if you have carpal tunnel syndrome it is about impossible not to have tight forearms.  That’s because the forearm muscles move the wrist and fin

But if you, like lots of people, have tight forearms from weight lifting, rock climbing, gripping equipment, playing musical instruments, typing, or a host of other thing, this is the best tool I’ve ever seen to loosen them up.

Watch this short video.

To find out more about the Armaid, see more videos, or get one for yourself Click Here.  Apply Discount Code ARM75 at Checkout.

Don’t Get The Flu (or a bunch of diseases either)

Boost your resistance to cold and flu, many cancers, multiple sclerosis, auto-immune diseases and more with a vitamin 93% of Americans are deficient in.

The vast majority of people in cooler climates are deficient in Vitamin D. Our skin manufactures Vitamin D3 in sunlight (not through window, sunscreen or clothing). Foods and multiple vitamins are only sufficient to assure that calcium gets into your bones, but not enough to compensate for lack of sunlight. You need more through Vitamin D supplements to get Vitamin D’s immune boosting properties.

Find Out More in This Video:

Find out more about The China Study.

Find out more about GrassRootsHealth.net

Icebergs in Montana in July

I thought I share some photos from Leigh Lake in the Cabinet Mountains of NW Montana.

I live in North Idaho.  Five of us camped a couple miles from the trail head the night before and packed in small rafts the next day.  The trail is only about 1 1/2 miles in but it is a fairly rough hike up.

The ice is actual icebergs from hardened snow pack from the steep sides sliding down and calving off into the lake.

It was July 13, temperature about 90 degrees F.  Things were melting quickly.

I don’t know how many waterfalls there were and many were over 1000 feet high.  The day was absolutely awesome.  This is only a small sample of pictures I took.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

By the way, the guy in the grey raft is 80 years old.