Pillows, Stiff Neck, and Sleeping Wrong — 11 Comments

  1. Thank you I will, although I am not usually into many pills and stuff, I know I caused this by overstretching behind me – As I felt it pull as I did it and then I did it again and again not thinking this could happen…… I am glad all the pain is gone though and I see a physio soon also

  2. After X Ray they said ‘Calcific Tendonitis) Feeling so much better now.

  3. Thanks Hilma

  4. Hi Sue,
    Those pain meds will help you sleep, but will do nothing for healing, and all have side effects. I strongly suggest The Frozen Shoulder Workbook by Clare Davies. That’s an Amazon link so you can read about it. It is not just for frozen shoulder but all shoulder problems. Be proactive in your own treatment.

  5. So… Last night it got so bad with shoulder arm pain – i ended up in A&E, it was quiet when i went – saw some nurse who sent me to a GP in hosp, my appt was 4hrs later!, came home then went back again…… Dr gave me pain killers said to get x ray, and said its a frozen shoulder. It’s worst when i try to sleep – Have to try to sleep sitting up at moment.

  6. Soon as the pain goes and it’s freed up again I will do scalene stretches etc. I reckon it is because for over a decade I have slept on my right arm, like a dead weight and have probably cut off it’s circulation. Ii cant get to sleep on any other side. But I know this does compress the shoulder whilst I sleep, I don.t move n my sleep either. I can’t find a way to lift me up so I am not flattening shoulder but also not making my back hurt etc… Sleep used to be so easy – And now sleep is the one thing I sooooooo wanna get a decent amount of, lol..

  7. Often times the problem is actually tight scalene muscles pinching off the nerves that supply the shoulder muscles as well as down the arm. Can also create chest pain. Google scalene muscles. Most General Practitioners don’t have a clue about what mischief tight muscles can cause.

  8. Thanks. As it is the 6th day now – I thought i had slept on it funny at first, then the rotator cuff thing – I think I will visit the doctor on Monday. Thankyou

  9. Hello Sue,
    Shoulders are very complicated. The term rotator cuff gets trhown around pretty willy nilly. There are four muscles and their tendons that make up the rotator cuff. Plus there are many more muscles involved in what is called the shoulder girdle. I will not be making a program on the shoulder, as there are already detailed ones out there. One of them is “Shoulder Pain No More”. Note that is an affiliate link, which means I would receive a commission should you purchase through it.

  10. I wish you would do something about rotator cuff or whatever makes you get from sleeping on one arm for years and then suddenly you have pain in shoulder, bicep, outer arm, little bit of chest and down arm to just beyond the elbow. So painful – Can’t sleep. Don’t know how I will sleep again if i cannot sleep on the side I always sleep on either… poss rotator cuff I think. Was feeling a little better – Something made me jump 4 times today and now its horrid again (Today is Day3 of this horrid thing)

    Appt to see Dr on 11th, but wuld like it gone – Immediately as it’s so annoyingly ouchy

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