Repel Birds from Fruit Trees

I’ve always been a fruit lover. I’d rather have an apple than a piece of chocolate.

But I have a special weakness for cherries. If my mother ever bought cherries she would admonish me, “Don’t eat the cherries. They’re for your father.”

She knew I would gobble them down. They were such a very rare treat.

Now I have my own cherry trees, a couple of pear and apple trees as well. But the birds really lick the fruits too.

This is how I keep my precious cherries for myself and not the robins and starlings. They will every last one if you don’t have a way to protect them.

Update: Instead of hot sauce, you can use powdered cayenne pepper (think spice rack). You will need to add some water as well as a little dish soap and cooking oil.

I can’t give you a firm recipe because I didn’t measure. But use a lot of cayenne pepper in a mix of 1/4 cup of water, a squirt of dish soap, and 1/4 cup of oil. Use a hose sprayer.

After I made this video I found tips from Claudia Brownlie on how to grow great fruits and vegetables on a budget.  She has homemade ways of keeping weeds, insects and animals from your crops.  Economic, eco-friendly, organic, and frugal ways to grow your own healthy food. For more information click here.


Repel Birds from Fruit Trees — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you very much for share the tip of soap. the soap does work. No more clamps for me.Writing from Argentina

  2. cathy Andrews on said:

    i try\\ the soap thing, and put it under my sheet and worked great for three days my legs and back was aching so bad that i was into tears, when came home from work took my shower got a bar of soap,put it under my bottom sheet, and fall asleep, and when i woke,up my legs was not cramping or aching, or my back,so this soap does work.. Thank you for share the soap ,with me,,

    Thank you!!


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