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  1. Patrice on said:

    You crack me up with your goofy comments, but your suggestions really help and your methods for carpel tunnel worked in just 3 days!!! In the past I have had surgery twice, which did work, but 3 days of massage vs. Weeks of recovery was not a hard choice! Thanks for your dedication to helping others.

  2. Robert on said:

    This technique is perfect for me since I have a stiff neck and limited movement for several weeks now.

  3. Lynn, There are many possible causes of tinnitus. Some are structural and no stretch will help. In a few cases a sternocleidomastoid stretch may help. You’ll have to look that one up as it would take too long to describe something that may not help you at all. I will have a video on tinnitus in a few weeks. Hilma

  4. Anything stretch wise for tinnitus?

  5. Hello Michael. Assuming you either do not want to see the Ear, Throat and Nose Doc – or have not found any help there you can try

    When there do a search for the word Eustachian by pressing Ctrl F and in the little box that shows up (different location in different browsers – either right or left near the top or bottom) And put Eustachian in the box to find the references to it on that page. But I personally do not have advice.

    All the best, Hilma

  6. Michael on said:

    Hi Hilma, Thankyou I will try to use this technique to help with a stiff spot I have high on the back of my head/neck.
    I have a strange ask, do you have any advise for Eustachian tube disfunction, if had fluid in my ears for years and it’s very frustration as I’m a musician. It seems slot of people suffer from this but no one seems to have any answers.
    If you have any ideas you would be helping me and many other sufferers as the feeling over time results in anxiety as well as tinnitus and some hearing loss, but until the fluid can drain nobody can tell if the tinnitus and or hearing loss is caused by the fluid or not.

    Kind regards,

  7. Thank you Hilma! Yes you are correct, some pains in the neck can be subliminal! Sometimes my neck pain disappears miraculously once im done and free from a laborious laptop project. Good you voiced that, my pain in my neck projects can be less painfull if im mindfull!

  8. Hi Pam, glad to hear it helped. Hilma

  9. Hi Robert and Linda, Glad to hear from you. I’m doing well. Getting some outside work done on what could be the last warm and dry (65 degrees F) day til spring.

  10. Robert McComb on said:

    Hi Hilma, Its appreciated the time and effort that you put out to help others.Hope all is going well with you.
    Thanks, Robert&Linda

  11. Thank you, Hilma. I followed along with you and my neck feels better already. I had also previously tried your hand exercises which are excellent.

  12. Hi Mark; Sorry about your condition. Thanks for letting me know. Hilma

  13. Mark Lopianowski on said:

    Hello Hilma,
    Thank you for these occasional pieces of advice. Good video.

    My condition, which you so hard tried to solve, was eventually diagnosed as RS3PE, extremely rare. The prolonged swelling it created in my wrists permanently damaged my median nerve. I had carpal operations on both wrists. The swelling is controlled by taking 10mg daily of Prednisol. Over the next three years I will wean myself of Prednisol and hopefully by that time RS3PE would go into remission. Best wishes, Mark Lopianowski

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