Strengthen Hands and Fingers

Are your hands or fingers are weak?

Do you think you’re getting carpal tunnel syndrome?

Do you want to strengthen them?

Well, just doing gripping exercises will make your problems worse.


Because of muscle imbalance. And doing only gripping exercises will put them more out of balance.

But why?

Well, most of use our hands in flexion a lot (Flexion is the motion that closes the fingers). We don’t use our hands much in extension. (Extension is the bringing of the hand and fingers wide open),

The forearm muscles control this motion. Every time you type on your computer or grip something or play your guitar, piano or other instrument, you are mostly using flexion.

This tends to shorten the flexor muscles of the forearm by keeping some of the muscle fibers stuck in a closed position. This weakens the muscle.

The extensor muscles tend to become stretched out more than they should, so they have to work harder to get you hand back to neutral. So they tend to get knotted up. And get weaker.

If you loosen up your forearm muscles – either by the self-massage techniques I teach or by stretching – they actually become stronger. Looser does not mean weaker.

Loosening up your forearms will take care of the majority of your hand and wrist problems.

Once the muscles are loosened up You Can Then Strengthen Them.

But you need to strengthen them in a balanced way to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and forearm pain.

Check Out this Video

That’s the smart way to strengthen your fingers and hands.

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P.S. Hand weakness can also be cause by pinching of nerves or arteries further up. For more information see

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