Thumb Pain – Text Messaging

Pain in the thumb from texting is on the rise. 

It has been called “Blackberry thumb”.

But now with everybody and their grandmother test messaging, it is something you should be concerned about. 

It can be quite painful.

It is totally preventable.

And you can do something about it to get rid of it. 

Some people feel like the base of their thumb is swollen or bruised and the pain travels up their forearm.

It’s not just caused by text messaging.  People who use pliers or scissors or pruning shears or do massage or scoop ice cream or do anything that requires a lot of squeezing with the thumb are also vulnerable..

Watch my video to see what you can do about thumb pain from text messaging or playing hand held video games or any of the above.

Hope you find it helpful.
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Thumb Pain – Text Messaging — 3 Comments

  1. Bryan, thanks.

  2. Hello Hilma. I enjoyed your material in the video. I first stumbled across the issue of the intrinsic hand muscles contributing to CTS in one of my patients totally by accident back in 2000/2001.
    I had been doing all the typical physical therapy things. Ultrasound, estim, little hand weights and such. I was focusing on the wrist and massaging the forearm muscles in a patient with little success. Near her last few visits to physical therapy it dawned on me that her actual complaints were in her hands.
    I did some soft tissue work on the thenar eminences and adductor pollicis and voila! Next visit the patient was 75% better!
    Needless to say I now include the hand in all my forearm work. whether elbow tendinitis or what have you.

  3. I know this really is genuinely boring and you might be skipping on the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!

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