Thumb, Wrist Pain from iPad and other Tablets

Almost as soon as the iPad was introduced to the world on April 3, 2010, new terminology also sprang up. like iPad neck and iPad shoulder,  Shortly after that iPad hand and i-Thumb.  Those added to an earlier coined Blackberry thumb.

The techno marvel with exponential growth.  141 million iPads sold world wide, and growing even quicker 112 million Android tablets….

…this may also become the decade of techno pain.

This video tells how holding tablets can cause thumb, wrist and hand pain.

Fortunately, the accessory market is growing as a number of inventors must have said something like “I love this thing, but it’s killing me.”

I’m sure more accessories and inventions are in the works right now in attempts to lessen the physical impact  that small technology is having on the body.


Thumb, Wrist Pain from iPad and other Tablets — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Max,
    Night splints don’t cure but they are a good idea because they keep the carpal tunnel open at night – but they don’t help you get better.

    As far as cortisone, I would proceed with caution because a lot of doctors are very casual with it. Cortisone is very powerful. I had clients when I was doing massage who told me they got a cortisone shot in the shoulder or in the leg or wherever, because the doctor didn’t know what was wrong and gave the shot. When I asked if it helped, they would reply “No”. Of course it didn’t because if you are going use it you had better be darned sure of exactly where to put it and why.

    Unless your doctor has had a lot of experience in this, I would prefer an orthopedic physician. Most reputable doctors will not give a cortisone shot in the same place more than twice in your lifetime because it can deteriorate muscle, tendons, even bone.

    You want a doctor who won’t goof and either inject tendons or blood vessels, or whatever, and also not inject where it won’t do any good. Many people who have injections for carpal tunnel syndrome experience temporary relief. For some it might be two months or two years. However if you avoid doing things in the same way that caused your problems, the results should be better. However…

    There might be a better way.

    Years ago I got bursitis in my shoulder from shoveling heavy snow. A book I had that was written by a Sports Medicine doctor, said the only treatment was cortisone shot or lots of anti inflammatory drugs. Since I didn’t want drugs I went to an orthopedist. Even then I questioned to make sure he know exactly what he was doing. It worked very well. Then about two years later I fell skiing. I went to my chiropractor because my back was tweaked. I happened to mention that my bursitis came back…

    He said, “Oh I can fix that with ultrasound.” One treatment and in 6 days my shoulder was 100%. The bursitis never came back.

    The difference (way back when) was $283.00 for the doc and the shot. $45.00 for the ultrasound.

    So you may want to try either ultrasound or low level laser treatment first. Many chiropractors have at least one of these as do most physical therapy places. But again you want to question their experience with using these things. Ultrasound treatment should always feel warm and pleasant, never painful or burning. Because applied wrong, ultrasound can cook tissue. (Stop the treatment right away if anything doesn’t feel good).

    I am not against cortisone, but be cautious with any treatment you seek and question to make sure they know what they are doing.

  2. Max Cherry on said:

    Dear Hilma
    I have followed your self-help massage advice and worn night splints for nearly 4 years with great success but lately My right hand has got worse with permanent numbness between my middle finger and ring finger and now the front of my right thumb I spoke to my Doctor Who is not too concerned I explained I didn’t want an operation he has suggested Cortizone injections in the wrist will this help? it has got To a stage where I have to put my knife and fork down several times to let my hands recover during Eating a meal
    Many thanks Max

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