Tight Scalenes, Tingling Fingers, Numb Hands — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Michael, Yes tight scalenes and forearm imbalance and tight pectoralis minor muscles are the main 3.

  2. As a massage therapist, I love it when people come in with carpal tunnel symptoms. Most of the time (maybe 60-70%) I can give them instant relief without even going near the wrist. It continues to amaze me how often these people go for months/years with symptoms and expensive, unsuccessful treatments, when relief can be as easy (and cheap) as massage on the anterior scalenes.

    Long-term, I find that teaching them to breathe into their abdomen lessens the workload on the scalenes, and allows the changes to become permanent.

  3. Thanks for developing this course. I am looking forward to the next sections to help me relieve the patchy numbness in in right index finger and thumb. Now that I have watched section 4, I think tight forearms might be a big contributor and would like to see your instructions to to loosen them.

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