Treating Tennis Elbow with the Armaid

You don’t have to play tennis to have tennis elbow.

Often people call it tendinitis (tendonitis) but more commonly it is really tendonosis. And the two are treated quite differently.

This video describes both and what to do about them using a fabulous tool called the Armaid.

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There are more videos there on how to use it.
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Fix your arm problems.


Treating Tennis Elbow with the Armaid — 2 Comments

  1. Ginger (the spice – in food) is good for arthritis. Depends on the cause for sciatica. A most common cause – and the easiest one – is the piriformis muscle. Check out videos for that on YouTube. For psoriasis – can’t help you – but check out what they say on

  2. Gordon on said:

    What can I do for psoriasis and my arthritis and siatica nerve pain. Loved the soap idea for my leg cramps.

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