Water – Save your health and the environment.

Save your health, save the environment.   Get a Water Filter.

I like the water pitcher filter.  So convenient.  Sometimes my tap water is so full of chlorine it is disgusting.  The filtered water tastes very good and is far, far cheaper than bottled water.  

Rather than trying to figure out how many gallons have gone through the filter.  I simply change the filter when the water tastes less than good.

You can also get filters that attach to your faucet.

If possible, buy yours from a local store.  See which brands of filters they carry the most of  and buy that brand that has the most shelf space of filters.   That way you can get filters locally when you need them.

For those who are really frugal, here’s an interesting article:

How to refill a “disposable” Brita brand water pitcher filter with activated carbon.

Why buy a replacement filter for $6 to $10 (or more) when you can refill your old filter cartridge housing for about 50 cents?! http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-refill-a-disposable-Brita-brand-water-pit/
For more contaminated water supplies – either from germs or serious contaminants you may need a more agressive filter than are found in regular department stores.
Don’t drink distilled water.  Your body needs minerals that are naturally contained in natural water.  Natural water picks up minerals as it moves in streams or through the ground.  Charcoal filters still allow these minerals to pass through.  Distilled water not only lacks minerals – drinking it speeds up the removal of vital minerals from your body.
 “You will never get rid of chronic pain if you are dehydrated”
Pete Egoscue
December 03, 2008
In the U.S., 1.5 million tons of waste is created per year from plastic water bottles resulting in more places putting a ban on them. Katie Couric
has more.

There’s a lot more to say about water and health.  But, another time.

If you need to find a water filter system or reusable bottles, go here.



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